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OLM A-Series LED 7440 Amber Bulb

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2 Year OLM Warranty

Product Description

The OLM 7440 A-Series bulbs are named for the aluminum substrate chassis. This gives greater heat dispersion, which lets us use higher output LED chips with less risk of failure due to overheating. This is an extremely bright LED bulb that features the latest in LED technology to provide your vehicle with a nice clean modern look. This bulb is great for use on the interior or exterior where applicable to provide a crisp beam of light.



  • 7440 bulb profile
  • Aluminum chassis for greater heat dissipation
  • Amber color
  • Produces a bright lighting output
  • Made using the latest in LED technology
  • For use in the dome light, glove box, license plate area, or other exterior applicable areas
  • Sold individually