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OLM Wide Angle Convex Mirrors - 2014+ Forester-Blue-Heated-No Turn Signals

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Product Description
Convex mirrors give you a greater field of view. This increases your ability to make proper decisions while driving your vehicle.

Convex mirrors from OLM give you added peace of mind by giving you greater situational awareness of your surroundings. Make lane changed with confidence!


Turn Signals

All 2014+ Forester models have turn signal wiring inside their door harness. If you already have a turn signal in your mirror, you can attach the wires inside the housing. For base model owners that did not opt for the factory turn signal mirrors, you can run the wires into the door and attach them close to the harness plug.


Most 2014+ Foresters have side mirror defrosters. For these vehicles, the defroster wires can be disconnected from the older mirrors and reattached to the new mirrors in a matter of seconds. Base owners can attach the defroster wiring (+ positive) to the red wire with green stripe at connector B97. Attach the black wire from the mirror to the chassis at any location which makes contact with the body (- ground).