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OLM Colorshift (3150K / 6500K) 9005 9006 H10 Bulb

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Product Description

One of the big issues with most 9005 LED Conversion Kits is that you have to choose one particular color temperature and stick with it, and you either end up with a white color that matches with headlight LED conversion kits or a more yellow color that actually penetrates fog and dust. For those of you that want the best of both worlds, OLM as a solution with their 9005 Colorshift LED Conversion Kit. This awesome LED kit allows you to use either a bright white 6500K color temperature or a handier yellow/amber 3150 color temperature. The Colorshift LED High Beam Lights start out at their standard 6500K color temperature. To switch them over to 3150K, all you have to do is let them run on their white setting for five to six seconds, then quickly turn your high beams on and back off again. Now you'll have a 3150K color temperature that more effectively penetrates actual fog and dust better than a white light.


  • Lets you pick between 6500K and 3150K color temps
  • Clear bright white or more effective yellow
  • 3400-3800 raw lumens of light
  • Easily change colors using your factory high beam switch
  • Drop-in replacement for stock high beam light bulbs
  • Watts: 20W

NOTE: Fits 9005, 9006, and H10 sockets.