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OLM Wide Angle Convex Mirrors with Turn Signals / Blind Spot Detection LED / Defrosters (Blue) - 15+

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OLM Wide Angle Convex Mirrors with Turn Signals / Blind Spot Detection LED / Defrosters

This upgrade is a must have for drivers who value being aware of their surroundings at all time. Lane merging can be a difficult task with plain OEM mirrors. However, these mirrors give you the field of vision to invoke confidence on the road.

They're designed to be an OEM style replacement for the original mirrors. This means no adhesive. Snap the old mirrors out and snap the new ones in. If you have defrosters (non base models), you can detach the wires from the original and attach them to our mirrors.

As an added feature, these have LED turn signals built in. When they're off, they are basically invisible. Flip your turn signals on and you improve the awareness of vehicles around you. They are simple to wire if you already have turn signals in the mirrors from the factory. Just tap or solder the two new wires into the existing wires. If you have a vehicle that did not have these, you can remove your door panel, remove the mirror and run the wiring inside the vehicle. Existing wiring in the door will allow you to hook these up.

Also for vehicles with blind spot detection, you can retain it with this mirror. This is standard on the 2016+ STI Limited, WRX Limited manual with Option Pkg #22, and WRX Limited CVT with Option Package #23.

Check out the pictures below because they really are worth 1,000 words.


Quick Specifications:

  • Wide Angle (improved field of vision)
  • Turn Signal Equipped (improved visibility)
  • Built in Defrosters (connect to your factory turn signal wiring)
  • Blind Spot LED Equipped (retain your factory blind spot monitoring alert)


Sold as a pair.