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OLM F1 NB+R V2 - 2011-2014 WRX / STI Sedan

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Color: Clear Lens / Gloss Black Base / White Bar
Install Instructions

OLM 2 Year Warranty

Product Description
Product Description

The OLM F1 NB+R V2 is a custom-designed fog light specifically crafted for 2011-2014 WRX and STI models. This fog light upgrade combines either a clear or smoke lens with a gloss black base, featuring a distinctive red or white bar for a stylish and performance-oriented appearance. Here are some key features of the OLM F1 NB+R V2:

Main Features:

  1. Compatibility:

    • Designed to fit 2011-2014 Subaru WRX and STI models. The specific design ensures a precise fit and seamless integration with the vehicle's aesthetics.
  2. 4 Color Options:

    • The fog light features either a clear or smoked lens and gloss black base contributing to a sleek and modern appearance, enhancing the overall look of the vehicle. 
  3. Striking Bar Color Options:

    • A notable design element is the striking red or white bar, adding a touch of flair and performance-oriented aesthetics to the light assembly.
  4. Plug and Play Harness:

    • The inclusion of a plug-and-play harness simplifies the installation process. This design allows for easy integration with the vehicle's existing wiring, reducing the complexity of the installation.
  5. 2-Year Limited Warranty

    • The fog light comes with a 2-Year Limited Warranty, providing users with coverage and assurance for the specified duration. It's advisable to review the warranty terms and conditions provided by the manufacturer